Learn how to create interfaces with FXML and JAVAFX, what you should know

I’d like to review a few things that you should know before getting started with this course. This course is not designed to be an introduction to Java or the JavaFX programming language. Instead, it can be considered an introduction to the extension of JavaFX using FXML.

The course concentrates on FXML. It is helpful if you are comfortable with folder and file navigation, as well as the process of renaming files. As its name implies, FXML is an extension of the XML programming language, which stands for Extensible Markup Language.

So if you are already familiar with the structure and usage of XML files, that is a big plus but not required. For this course I’m using an integrated development environment called NetBeans. NetBeans is a free open source download available here at netbeans.org. Feel free to follow along with NetBeans or any other IDE of your choice, including a plain text editor.

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