Learn how to create interfaces with FXML and JAVAFX, challenges explained

Throughout this course, you’re gonna run across a few movies labeled as challenges. Challenges are hands on opportunities for you to practice and master what you’re learning throughout the course. At the beginning of each challenge, I’ll give you a clear set of objectives such as these.

If there are any required files, they will be located in the corresponding exercise files folder. In addition to the listed objectives, each challenge has a rough time estimate of how long it should take.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, come back and watch the solution video. In the solution video, I’ll show you how I completed the challenge and give you some insight on my thought process along the way.

Again, challenges are opportunities for you to practice what you’re learning as we progress through this course. Use the challenges as a way to hone your skills, and possibly add other variations of solving the problem. So I strongly encourage you to take some time whenever you come across a challenge to give it a try.

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