Learn how to create interfaces with FXML and JAVAFX, additional fxml elements and attributes

There are several other helpful FXML tags that are worth mentioning. These tags will allow us to add additional elements and attributes to our code. Let’s take a look. For example, it is possible to have multiple FXML files, and then include one file inside another using this syntax.

You start with an open tag, the less than sign, fx colon Include. Whenever you use the fx:include, you must include the source statement. Source equals, in this case, I’m pointing to a file called FxFXMLLabel.

You must add an fx ID field as well. This one’s called inputLbl. And the text that’ll appear is please insert your input here. Below is including another file. This one has a button, fxFXMLButton.fxml. It has an ID of okBtn. The text on the button is OK. And it includes an on action, which will call the function print output. Sometimes you need to create objects that are not directly part of the object graph.

However, these objects may be used elsewhere in the FXML document. You can create an object in FXML without making it part of the object group.

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