Learn advanced node js, What you should know

This is an advanced Node.js class. It doesn’t mean that what we’re learning here is goanna be super hard. It just means that I’ve designed this course with the expectation that you’re already familiar with Node.js, JavaScript, and how to build Node applications and web servers. I want to take the knowledge that you already have and expand it to include different techniques. If you are not familiar with Node.js or you have not built a Node.js app or even installed Node.js in your development environment this course is probably not for you. I wouldn’t start here. First, you need to understand JavaScript.

The language of Node.js We have a ton of great courses on JavaScript. I would consider starting off with JavaScript essential training with Morton Rand Hendrickson. You also want to make sure that you are comfortable building basic applications with web servers and Node.js Now if you’re not, you can take my course. Node.js essentials. This will cover everything that you need to know to get started in Node.js And it will prepare you quite well for this course. We’re using the latest JavaScript syntax in this course. Specifically we use arrow functions a lot. Restructuring quite a bit and a few constant lit modifiers.

If this syntax scares you consider taking Switching to ES6 in Node.js with Ryan Lewis. This will get you ready for the latest syntax that’s used in Node.js applications. If you’re comfortable with Node at a beginner’s level then you’re ready to improve your skills with this advanced Node.js course.

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