HTML5 Video Gallery with jQuery, Manually invoking FancyBox

Now that we have all of our video code injected into the div with an ID of video Player,  the next thing we are going to do is manually invoke Fancy box. Typically you will see that Fancy box is usually attached to a click event, but we want to manually invoke it here since we wanted to delay until after all the different variables have been set.

So the way that we manually invoke Fancy box, we start with a dollar sign, then we type .fancy box, beginning and ending pare theses, semicolon. Inside of the parentheses we are going to put a beginning and ending bracket and then we are going to split the bracket open.

We will add a few lines inside of here. Now we want to set up a series of string literals to set up all the different properties for Fancy box. So the very first one is going to be transition In, space, colon, space, two tick marks for the value, fade, a comma on the next line, two tick marks, transition Out.

This also going to be a fade. Comma. Next line. Overlay Color, space, colon, space. We are going to set that to black, so pound sign and 3 zeros.

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