HTML5 Video Gallery with jQuery, Downloading and setting up Aptana Studio

In the course, we’re going to be coding in a tool called Aptana Studio. You can follow along with any text or web editor that you choose, or if you want to download a free copy of Aptana Studio, you can go to and download a copy for Macintosh or Windows.

When you download and install this particular editor, one of the things that it has is the capability to change themes. By default, Aptana Studio 3 has this really dark background. I’m going to come up to the Aptana Studio 3 menu on the Mac, or you can choose the Preferences under the Window menu on Windows, come down to Aptana, comedown to Themes, and inside of here I can change the themes that this is going to be using.

For this course, I’d like to go back to Aptana Studio 2.x. This is going to give me a white background and it’s going to let the color coding really show and it will be a lot easier for you to follow along. Once I’ve made this change, I’m going to click OK. Now, every time I launch Aptana Studio, it’s going to use this particular theme.


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