HTML5 Video Gallery with jQuery, Activating video for Android and bypassing the lightbox

In introduction video we took a look at how this user experience is going to play in an iPad and since the iPad’s version of Mobile Safari supports playing video inline, we can play the video right in the light box overlay, just like on computer screens.

However in many handheld devices when you invoke a video, it actually changes and moves from the browser over to the dedicated video device. Another chance we have on the Android platform is we can’t invoke HTML5 video unless we modify our video tag a little bit. So let’s come over to the code ¬†snippets.html and let’s scroll down to the options for Android and iOS detection.

So we have two different options we are going to be looking at. The first option is to simply change the HTML5 video Player code for Android and let the iPhone play the user experience the way it would by default. And so for that what we are basically going to do is run a check browser, we are going to search for the word Android in the navigator .user Agent, and if Android.


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