How to learn cinema 4d, Render your scene

In the previous movie, we set up our lighting, which leaves us with one last step of rendering. Let’s get started. Press Command-B on the keyboard, and we’re going to check a couple of options here.

The width and the height, we’ll leave that at 800 X 600, and we’re going to set the Frame Range to Current Frame. Then we’ll click the Save option here on the left-hand side, and we’ll set up a path for our rendering. We’ll just put this here, and we’ll save this as philly.

There we go. Andl you can just save that anywhere on your local desktop or your local network. The file format is set to TIFF. You can also change it to a wide variety of options. We can also set it to Photoshop if we want.

We’re going to make sure Alpha Channel is turned off right now, because we want to render with the red background here. If you were rendering without a background, you would want to select the Alpha Channel option. Next we’ll come down to Antialiasing and change it from Geometry to Best. Then we’ll lower the Maximum Level to two by two.


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