How to learn cinema 4d, Light the model

In this movie we’re going to use two lights to light our 3D model. Let’s get started. I’m going to click and hold on the light icon up here and we’re going to select Target Light. And the reason we’re selecting Target Light is because it gives us two objects.

One, it gives us our light and it also sets up for us this Light Target so if I move this around in the interface you’ll see that wherever it is the light will follow it and target it. It’s a little easier to light models this way when you know it’s going to point in a predictable location.

So let’s click on the light and let’s pull this up get some more space. Now, I’m going to change the light type from Spot to Area. I’m going to click this button right up here in the upper right corner of the viewer just going to give me a foreview and now I’m going to zoom out in all the views except for the perspective because I want this to be my render view. Now in this app we’re going to use two lights so we’ll call this our Key so we’ll double-click on Light and change it to Key.


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