How to learn cinema 4d, Create e text spline

In this movie, we’re going to create a simple text spline that we’ll later extrude, put a material on, and render. The image that you’re looking at now is ultimately where we’ll end up in a couple movies. So for now let’s jump in and get started. I’m going to click on this button right here.

Click and hold, and select the text item. And using our navigation tools, one, two, and three, I’m just going to get to a spot where it’s nice and centered here, And I’m going to make sure the text object is selected, and we’ll come down here to the bottom in the attributes and I’m going to just type Philly.

There we go. Then you should see that automatically update. And then we’ll select the font. So we are going to go to Gill Sans, and I’m going to select an Ultrabold font. Now the font is totally up to you, just if you don’t have Gill Sans Ultrabold you can use whichever font you want. The beauty of the way that we’re doing this is that none of this really matters, and we can select different fonts, and different weights as we go.


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