How to learn cinema 4d, Create a camera

In this movie we’re going to create a camera that we’ll eventually render through towards the end of this chapter. Let’s do that. If I click the Camera button here and hold down, I can just select the first option, which is Camera.

And the first thing I’ll do is just double-click on Camera, and my Object Manager, and we’ll rename it shotCam. Great. Now by default, the camera’s position right now is in the exact same position that the perspective camera was in previously. So if I select this little button right here, just click, I’m now looking through that camera in the render view.

If I click off of that option, I can then now tumble in and tumble out, and we’re looking through the perspective camera now. But now we can actually see where our shot camera is. I’m going to go ahead and reactivate the shot camera.

Let’s take a look at some of the options. Cinema 4D defaults to a 36 millimeter camera. We can also take that down a setting, like 18, and now we have a much different perspective. We can take that all the way up to.


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