How to learn cinema 4d, Apply materials

In this movie, we’re going to create this red gradient in the background and we’re also going to create the floor that our type sits on. Let’s get started. If I come to the bottom left corner of the interface and double-click, that will make a new material.

So I’m just going to double-click where it says M-A-T for Mat, and we’ll just call this Red Background. So, let’s click up here and select Background and we’ll drag the Red Background directly to the Background object.

Then we’re going to double-click the material to open up the Editor. We go into our Color channel and we could just select a color, just like this, just by sliding your sliders around. We could do that or we can come down to the Texture option, click this little triangle here, and select Gradient.

Now if we click on the word Gradient, that will open up the Gradient Editor. By default, it’s set to just a left to right or a U or a horizontal gradient. If we select 2D – U, we can change the option to 2D – Circular.

Now we can click on the knots in the Gradient


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