Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Using wells

Wells are sort of a super-simpler version of panels. Think of them as a variation on a blockquote. It gives the element essentially an inset effect, and it boxes them.

So to do them is quite simple. All you have to do is grab some content like this and then create a div with a class of .well, and put your content there, and let’s go ahead and save this. You can see that you get a box with a rounded edge, and it has the content in the box indented by a certain amount.

And the only options that you have here are the amount of the indentation. So you can do a well and then do a well.lg, and that gives you a little bit more indent, and a, and that gives you less of an indent.

There are no contextual classes in here, so although it might not be the most useful or dynamic element, it gives you an alternative to blockquotes. So it might be useful for some inset tips, or other small pieces of content you may want to highlight.

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