Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Using miscellaneous styles and sizing

Bootstrap has some other miscellaneous styles that can help you do things like handle form states, as well as resize your input fields. So let’s take a look at how they work. Now for example, if you want to add a disabled attribute to an input field, Bootstrap fades it out as well changes the icon.

So if we come right up here into this Name input field, we can add a disabled attribute, and you can see that it shows up sort of the background in a different color, and when we roll the mouse over that area, it shows us a disabled icon, and I can’t click on this now.  

So you could do the same thing to other input field types, for example, we have a checkbox right here. And again, all we have to do is add a disabled attribute here.

Now you can see that it shows up a little lighter, and I can’t click on it anymore. If you want to do that to this label right here, then what you need to do is right here in this div, where you add this class of checkbox, you can add a disabled class, and when you roll over this label.

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