Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Using icons

Bootstrap comes with a set of really useful icons from the GLYPHICONS library. They are a subset from this main library, called Halflings. So if you go to the website, you can find all of them right here, under this tab. There’s about 250 or 60 icons.

And what you do is, you click on any one of these, and you can get the code for them by clicking on this Cut button right here. But you have to keep in mind that in Bootstrap, they’re not called halflings.  

They’re just called glyphicons. So there’s also a search right here, so if you’re looking for something like a play icon, you can type the word right here, and the search gives you just the icons you’re looking for. So let’s see how you implement these into Bootstrap.

Now, as I mentioned, if you grab the icon from the GLYPHICONS website, you get a little piece of code that looks like this, but in Bootstrap they’re not called halflings. They’re still called glyphicons.  

So you’ll need to replace the word halflings with the word glyphicon, and then you get the icon like this.

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