Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Using breadcrumbs and pagination styles

There’s a few other navigation-related components that can help you with things like creating breadcrumbs, pagers, and numeric pagination.

They’re pretty easy to implement, so let’s take a look at some of those. You can see here that I have a very basic page with a series of lists. These particular components are all list-based. So let’s go ahead and start with breadcrumbs. Now, breadcrumbs are a way of showing the user where they are in the hierarchy of the website. So, for example, this page might be in the Grooming section.  

and also have the Services section as its parent, which is under the main home page. So, by adding breadcrumbs, I can let the user navigate quickly to any point in the hierarchy.

And to do that in Bootstrap, all I have to do is add a class of “breadcrumb” right here, and once I do that I get this really nice-looking style. And that’s all there is to breadcrumbs. So, let’s look at another navigation element.  

This one is called “pagers.” This essentially lets you create buttons that allow people to navigate through content.

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