Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Understanding the Bootstrap nav component

Bootstrap navigation is one of the most complex components available in the framework. It’s part of a family of elements that all share the nav class, and there are three different types of navs that you can create: including tabs, pills, and navbars.

Let’s take a look at the different types of navs and I’ll show you how to work with the layout options of the more complex navbar component. I’m starting out with a simple list of links and they are in an unordered list right now. To make these links into a navigation component, you can add the nav class, and then specify either tabs, pills, or navbars.  

So let’s go ahead and do that. In this ul, we’ll add a class of nav, and then we’ll make them look like tabs by adding the nav-tabs class. And when we save, you can see that they look more like tabs.

If I make this really wide, you can see when I roll over these, you get that special style with the rounded edges. If you want to show one of these as being active, then you would use, in the list item, you would add.

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