Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Styling list groups

List groups are a way of displaying list type content in a box that makes it similar to the type of interfaces that you would see on mobile devices.

So you can combine them with other media types and there’s actually a couple of ways of doing these so we’re going to get into those. Let’s go ahead and start by showing you how to turn this into a standard list group. We’ve got an unordered list right now with some names, and all we have to do is add the class of list group right here.

And then in each one of these list items I’m going to add another class here.

And this one is going to be called list group item. And when I do that you get this really cool sort of mobile device style. Now if you want to, you can add other things in here, so one of the things that you can do is add a badge, that’s something really common.

So all you have to do is say, span and this will have a class of badge and then we can put a number, maybe this is the number of visits that that customer has had.

And that looks really good, we can do that anywhere else.

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