Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Resetting columns

Occasionally you’ll run into a problem where some of your content forces the grid to do funny things. In those instances you can use the built-in clearfix class as well as some special responsive utility classes to fix those problems.

Let’s say for example that we take the General Health section and move it over to the first column position. So I’m going to grab it out of here; I’m going to put a space right there, and grab this section, and just cut it out of here, and paste it right there.  

So let’s go ahead and save that. Now it’s showing up right here. Looks great at this breakpoint, but if we make this a little smaller, you can notice that here at this other breakpoint where it goes into a two-column layout, the Grooming section is getting pushed over, and that’s because the sizes of these two elements are different, and this Exotic Pets Section has much less content.

So it’s actually causing this Grooming section to push over. There’s a couple of ways we could try to fix that, and we could create different rows.

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