Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Nesting columns

Whenever you want to make really complicated layouts you can actually put rows inside other rows. And when you do that you essentially get another twelfth column grid inside your existing section.

So let’s take a look at how that works. I’m a little unhappy with what’s happening at this very large breakpoint right here.

I don’t really think the sections look well stacked up into individual columns. So what I can do is add another row and then I’ll get another twelfth column grid to deal with what happens at this size.  

So let’s go ahead and do that. I’m going to come over here, and right now I’ve got this one row right here and then this section that determines my layout for the different breakpoints.

Well inside this section, I can add another row, so let’s go ahead and do that right here. DIV with a class of row. And let’s go ahead and put that in here, and you’re probably going to want to indent your content quite a bit.  

It might even help to put some comments on things. Let’s go ahead and then once we’ve got this row.

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