Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Modifying alignment, transformation, and abbreviations

So, let’s take a look at some of the other utility classes that you get with Bootstrap. Now first, Bootstrap comes with a series of alignment classes for text elements.

This is the type of thing that you may commonly add to your stylesheets, but Bootstrap gives you a class that you can add to your HTML elements, and they have quite a bit of specificity, so I’ve got a few paragraphs here to illustrate what happens and I’m going to add all these classes in here so I’ll say class=”text-left”.  

Obviously, this particular text has already been left aligned, so if we use that one, nothing is going to happen but just in case you, say, add some things, you say all the section paragraphs are going to be text-align: center; right then, when you use that other class, you’ll notice that all the other paragraphs are centered except for the one that we have added this class of text-left to because it has more specificity, so let’s go ahead and take that out and go back here.  

Of course, if you have text-left, then you’re also going to have .

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