Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Downloading and installing manually

In the last video I showed you how to create a basic template using the Bootstrap cd and links. However there are times when you’ll want to work with the framework without a live connection to the internet or perhaps you want to customize it just a bit.

So to do that you’ll need to install things manually. Now to get the sites, you’ll need to go to the Bootstrap 3 website. And from here you want to click on this Download Bootstrap button and then click on Download Bootstrap right here, the first one of these download links. I’m going to click on that and that’s going to download it to our folder.  

So let’s go ahead and switch over to our downloads folder. And decompress these files. And let’s take a look at what we got. When you download Bootstrap you’ll get three folders.

A CSS folder which has Bootstrap styles, the fonts folder which has a copy of all the icons you can use with the default Bootstrap installation, and a js folder, which has all the scripts for Bootstrap’s interactive features. You’ll want to move these files into your project folder.  

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