Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Creating modals

Modals are a common design pattern that lets you show some content when the user pushes a button or some other HTML element. So, I’m going to show you how to create a Bootstrap modal and some of the options that you have when working with them.

So, we have some vaccine information right here in our content that we want to display only when a user pushes a button. So, the first thing we’re going to need is the trigger or the actual button that’s going to trigger our modal. I’ll put it up here for right now.

This will be a button just like we’ve done before if you’ve been following along. And the type is going to be button. Our class is going to be just how we would do a button, btn and then some sort of contextual button class, so this case, we’re going to do a warning, so, btn-warning.

And then we need to add some attributes. So the two attributes that we’re going to add here are data-toggle.

This is just to let JavaScript know that the action that we want to perform with this particular button is going to be to activate a modal.


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