Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Adding a popover

Popovers are a bit like tool tips and dropdowns. They allow you to show a pop-up overlay, and like popovers they have to be manually activated. So you can use these in either buttons or links and they’re going to need different attributes depending on how they are used.

So I’m going to grab this paragraph right here which we will make the content for this element, and I’m going to put the buttons right up here. So first I’ll start with a button and of course, this is going to get a type of button and we can add some classes in here as we can say btn and then btn-default which will give it that sort of gray color.

I’ll go ahead and add a label and we’ll save that. So you can use something else other than default if you want to so we could use, say, info and that would give it that nice blue button there. Next I need to add a few attributes to this. You’re going to need to use a data container. So if it’s being used inside an element that has a button group or an input group class, then you have to include this data container attribute.


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