Bootstrap 3 Essential Training, Customizing column order with push and pull

In this video we will learn customizing column order on Bootstrap 3 step by step. Follow us in bootstrap 3 course and learn how to design with Bootstrap 3.

In some designs you may want to control the order of the columns so that they move from their original column positions. You use it to achieve layouts where columns can lie in different positions depending on which break points you are targeting.

Bootstrap 3 has a couple of classes you can use to accomplish this called push and pull. So I have a slightly different version of my project. I have removed all the other classes, and if you are coming from the previous movie, I have removed the extra rows so I have just a single row right here and then all my sections have a col-xs-4 which means that they take up four out of the 12 column grid and therefor works out to be a three-column design no matter what width I have my browser in.

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And so, what I want to do here is show you that I can take this first column, the one with the label General Health and I can go ahead and push it by a certain number of columns, so if I say col at the xs size, I want to push it, or push this column by one, then when I save it you should see that this column.  


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