Advanced SEO Search Factors, What you should know before watching

Before you get into the course material I want to take a minute and make sure you’ve got the right expectations. I want this to be an incredibly rich learning experience for you, but the material I’m covering makes a few assumptions. First, I’m going to assume that you’re comfortable with the fundamentals of SEO, that’s to say you should have a decent idea as to how crawling, indexing and ranking work. Second, I’m going to assume that you’re already established with your SEO tools, I’m expecting that you’ve got Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up, at a minimum.

For a local business, I’m expecting that you’re up and running with Google My Business as well. Third, I’m going to assume you’ve dabbled in keyword research and have interacted with tools such as Moz, SEMrush or the Google Keyword tool. If anything I just mentioned doesn’t resonate with you, there’s a lot of great courses here that you can watch to get up to speed. Now when it comes to this course content I’m focusing on one narrow slice of the SEO pie. We won’t be covering every aspect necessary to achieve SEO success, so add my recommendations to the work you’re already doing or the aspects you’re already learning.

We’ll be focusing on Google and listings as they appear in the domestic United States. That’s not to say this material doesn’t translate internationally, but you may notice variations in search results depending on where you’re located. All right, so now that we’re on the same page, let’s go ahead and dive in.


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