Advanced SEO Search Factors, What are Google Search features?

Google has invested heavily in displaying additional elements along side it’s search results. The goal is to help users understand results better and improve the likelihood that someone clicks through in to a listing.

These added experiences are known as search features. Now I’ve gone ahead and pulled up some Google documentation here on their search gallery to show a few ways that some of these features can appear. Now you’ve likely encountered these before but it’s a good idea to run through all of the various possibilities.

You’ll see here that we have recipes that can appear, event listings that appear within a result, products, reviews, and even course listings. These search results are influenced through the use of structured data and contribute greatly to how a site ranks and how high the click through rate is.

These search features can be categorized into three buckets, rich results, customized site features, and knowledge graph cards. We’re going to go through each one individually and evaluate what the opportunity is.


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