Advanced SEO Search Factors, Site features

You can further customize how your website appears in search through the use of site features. These are very similar to rich results, but they’re not reliant on content. You’ll use structured data, just the same as rich results, to influence three possible site features, Breadcrumbs, Site name, and Sitelinks.

Now I’ve gone ahead and pulled up a search here for LinkedIn, and you can see some various site features at play. Right here in the center of the screen, we see that there is a search box available to us, and this is known as the sitelinks search box, and it allows users to search this specific site directly from within the search results.

The use of a sitelinks search box is valuable, especially when a navigational query was used by the searcher. Someone types in Wikipedia, for example, and they can conduct a more detailed search in less steps.

Now I’m going to switch over into Mobile View to look at some of the other features as they most often show up only in Mobile. So I’m using the Google developer tools.


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