Advanced SEO Search Factors, Search operators

Whether you’re doing SEO professionally or working on a personal project, it’s essential that you’re familiar with how to conduct advanced searches on Google. Beyond adding keywords into the search box, we can use search operators to further refine results, identify opportunities, diagnose SEO problems and better our competitive research.

Now you might be familiar with the basic operators but let’s review those really quickly before we move on to the more advanced ones. So the most basic search operator and the most common is to simply run a search, let’s say, jaguar speed, and we identify that we are not interested in say, the speed of the animal, but rather, the car.

So I can do minus, or -animal, and google’s going to eliminate anything containing the word animal and now we’ll see some information about the car as opposed to the animal. Now if you want to force Google to use the exact phrase that you’re searching for, you can wrap that in quotes. Let’s do a search for New Jersey DMV again.


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