Advanced SEO Search Factors, Rich results

The more information a search result can provide, the easier it is for users to decide if the content is relevant. You can label certain pieces of content on your site to help Google understand what it is, for example, the name of a restaurant, an address, or even a rating on a particular product.

When you label this content, you’re not really changing the way your own site looks but rather providing tags in your website’s code that Google’s crawler uses to better interpret that information.

To make your content eligible for rich results, you’ll provide structured data markup for two categories of things, content items, such as articles or movies, and lists of items, such as recipes and events.

Now, achieving an enhanced result in Google Search isn’t guaranteed. You can mark up your content perfectly, but unless Google decides displaying additional information is valuable, your listing may not change. You can explore how to configure these rich results through Google’s documentation.

I did a simple Google search for.


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