Advanced SEO Search Factors, Research questions to secure snippets

It’s clear that featured snippets provide a unique opportunity depending on the type of content you have available. Everything from factual questions to subjective ones are appearing in this prominent area. So let’s say that you want to develop a strategy to try and capture featured snippets.

You essentially have two routes. The first route is to leverage your existing top 10 positions. You’d pull out all the queries you rank well for and then identify which ones have explicit questions.

The second route is to identify specific questions that you can confidently contribute an answer to and then work to move your content into the top 10 while simultaneously trying to capture a featured snippet.

Regardless of your approach, you’ll have to start with research, and I’m going to demonstrate an easy way to go about this using, but again, Moz and others have similar tools that can accomplish the same task. So we’re here on the dashboard on semrush, and I’m going to do a search for


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