Advanced SEO Search Factors, RankBrain and machine learning

So, we touched earlier on the idea of RankBrain grouping search queries together based on how likely they are to match up to the same piece of content. This grouping requires a tremendous level of understanding.

Google’s machine learning system has to evaluate the relationship of various terms, and then interpret what your goal is when you’re conducting a certain search. To see this in action, I’ve gone ahead and pulled up Google’s search page. Now, I saw an incredible example of this algorithm at work by Dr. Pete Meyers at MozCon, as he did a search for New Jersey DMV.

So let’s do that same search. Do you find anything interesting about these results? So, New Jersey doesn’t call it the DMV, like most other states. In New Jersey, it’s the MVC, the Motor Vehicle Commission. But yet, Google understands that this is exactly what you wanted to see, despite the fact that you asked for the New Jersey DMV. And we can see this happening in other searches. Take, for example, a search for SNL.

You’ll notice that Google returns and bolds

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