Advanced SEO Search Factors, Optimizing content

Google is going to try its best to scrape content from your site and then adjust it to match the format it thinks is ideal for the end user. But the easier you can make it for Google, the better.

So the first step to optimizing your existing content for featured snippets is to figure out what format the answers need to be in. Would a particular question be answered best using a list, a paragraph, or, say, a table? Next, question how much value you can add on this particular topic.

Most short answers are things that Google can figure out on its own. Google doesn’t need you to help it answer questions like, how tall is the Empire State Building, or how many centimeters are in an inch. These type of short-answer, hard-fact searches are worth staying away from.

Try to think from the perspective of a computer, and select topics that are difficult for Google to answer without your input. The steps for barbecuing chicken is something you would explore over the safe temperature for cooked chicken.

Even if you’re seeing Google answer that question.


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