Advanced SEO Search Factors, Knowledge Graph cards

The final item of Search Features are Knowledge Graph cards, and Knowledge Graph cards are a special section on Google search results that organize information of well-known entities. These could be people, places, and organizations that exist in the real world. When there’s enough data about a particular organization or person, Google is going to summarize all of that relevant information and display it in a Knowledge Graph card like you’re seeing here on the screen for LinkedIn.

Knowledge Graph cards can contain everything from a link to the website, a logo, as well as information about the business pulled from Wikipedia, we can identify its headquarters, CEO, founders, and even links to various social media profiles.

Now, these Knowledge Graph cards are incredibly dynamic as well. They can contain other elements, such as event listings and songs. They may even display players on a particular sports team. Now, these cards are automatically built by Google. They simply crawl and pull all of this information


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