Advanced SEO Search Factors, Evolution of Google SERPs

It goes without saying that Google’s search engine results pages have evolved significantly over the last few years. Google was once a simple list of results, 10 to a page, with a sprinkling of advertisements.

But now we have searches that reveal a wide array of information. We can get instant answers, local listings, tweets, images, reviews, and more all from the results page. These incremental changes train users to interact with search differently and in doing so it impacts how we have to approach SEO.

Search results are becoming incredibly dynamic. It’s a never ending quest by Google to get the right information to the user faster and with less clicks. While the traditional idea of 10 blue links isn’t completely gone, we have to be willing to accept that every search won’t follow an identical pattern. In some queries the first organic result is well below the fold. We have to focus our attention on multiple fronts. Sometimes it’s securing that top organic result.

Other times it might be appearing


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