Advanced SEO Search Factors, Compare search engines

We spend a lot of time in the SEO world talking about Google. In fact, this entire course focuses on Google. So, let’s take a minute and unravel why. As it stands today, Google controls 65% of the search market in the US, with Bing in second position collecting 31%.

Right away we can see Google has a tremendous lead on the competition, but the story doesn’t end there. Yahoo was at one point a player in this space. However, they shifted a majority of their desktop search results to be powered by Bing, which in turn boosted Bing’s market share.

But things could be changing. Yahoo recently signed a deal with Google, which included advertising, search, and image search services. The details as to what Yahoo will do in the future are vague, but they have the potential to tip the scale further in Google’s favor if they cut ties with Bing.

With SEO being a complex endeavor, it’s preferable to invest energy into gaining traction with a market leader. Additionally, most improvements made specifically for Google

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