Advanced SEO Search Factors, Combined search operators

To get even more information out of a Google search, it helps to start combining search operators. Almost every search operator can be combined with another search operator to really help refine the results.

Let’s walk through a couple of examples to help put this into perspective. So let’s say we want to identify if our site has any issues with what’s appearing in the index. I can do site, colon,, and then do minus inurl, www. And what this is going to do is bring back any results that come up with a subdomain.

Here I can see G Suite, Made by, Domains. In many cases, a lot of sites have a staging site or a CDN or some pieces of content that are used for marketing landing pages that shouldn’t be indexing, but do and are wasting significant crawl resources. This is a great way to quickly search to see if anything that shouldn’t be showing up outside of your dub-dub-dub is. You can also identify powerful pages. Here I can do site, and then intitle, let’s say the keyword structured data.


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