Advanced SEO Search Factors, Categories of search queries

Every search starts with a query. The mechanics by which people search doesn’t change. You provide an input and Google outputs what it deems relevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re using voice search, text search, or even searching by an image.

It’s an input-output relationship. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you continue to refine that input throughout your search sequence. But even though the mechanics stay put, the end goal is always changing. We know that every search comes with a different goal.

One minute I’m looking for a place to eat lunch and the next I’m researching airfare for an upcoming trip. To really improved our SEO strategy, we need to break down the goals, or intent, of the user.

By understanding what makes up a query, we can vary our strategy accordingly and capture new ideas. Now search queries can be boiled down into three main categories. Informational, navigational and transactional. Google refers to these categories as know, go and do, respectively.

It’s through this framework that we’ll classify

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