Advanced SEO Search Factors, An updated keyword research strategy

Before RankBrain, padding content with keywords was a winning strategy. But, with RankBrain, it’s all about the context. As we’ve seen, it doesn’t matter how many different forms of keywords you target, if your content doesn’t serve the goal of the user, it’s not effective.

Now, I’m not saying keywords are dead. Google still has to capture meaning through the words you choose and how you prioritize them in your content. But, we no longer have this one-to-one relationship of a keyword to a piece of content.

A more modern keyword strategy, is to cluster, or group, keywords. We need to identify what Google sees as the same and what is still unique. To do this, you start the same way, with gathering all the keywords that are relevant to your audience.

Then you make clusters, or groups of keywords, gathered by their similarity. And then you would continue on as you would by identifying the user intent and what content is necessary, to serve that cluster. For example, let’s say we’ve got a blog about kitchen remodels.


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